Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Twelve - Schluter Ditra Heat Floor Installation

Ditra flooring with Ditra Heat cable installed, main bath vanity will be located in the open space on the right, and the clawfoot tub in the open space on the left. The Ditra membrane was installed using latex modified thinset, over a 1/2 inch ply sub laid on top of  3/4" ply sub. The lower ply was glued and screwed into all joists using 2" flooring screws, and the top layer of ply was screwed in lines across the joists, using 1-1/4" flooring screws.

A closer look at the Ditra with heating cable. The kit included 5 sheets of Ditra underlayment, and I had to purchase three extra to ensure I had enough.

The heated to unheated cable interface, which must be located in the Ditra floor. To ensure the top was flush with the top of the Ditra, a small cavity had to be removed with a chisel.

Installation of one of the two temperature sensors. As with the heat to non heat cable interface, the ditra had to be cut back, and a small amount of ply scraped away using an OLFA knife.

The two temperature sensors in place. Two as one is a primary, and the second a redundancy back up, in case the primary fails.

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