Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Six

Supply and drain for the small vanity in the watercloset at the guest bedroom end of the bathroom.

A view from the walk in shower end to the watercloset. The main door to the bathroom from the landing is on the right of this picture, the exterior wall on the left. Directly ahead is the inside of the former closet door of the guest bedroom, which will now be secondary access to the water closet

Continuing to plane and level the joists. The most any were out was about an eighth of an inch, so there wasn't a huge amount of planing required. the three pieces of blocking (the plane sitting on the first) are in place to support the wall that will partition the main part of the bathroom from the water closet.

Another view of the watercloset vanity with the 3/4 ply subfloor installed. These pex supply lines also serve the toilet located roughly where the photo was taken, and the clawfoot tub located in the main bathroom. They will then run back to a pex manifold located in the basement.

A view showing the main vanity plumbing, and the pex serving the walk in shower. The shower supplies run directly down the wall underneath, to the basement, and make a home run direct to the pex manifold. The vanity supplies do the same, but will further supply a rough in for a two piece attic bathroom directly above this bath.

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