Thursday, October 16, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Seven

Three gang box for the water closet switches, which include switches for ceileing light, exhaust fan, and vanity light. Note the proper support for a three gang box, and proper spacing from the door trim.

Octagon box location for vanity light in the water closet. Three wires lead to it, incoming supply, outgoing two wire to the GFCI receptacle, and outgoing three wire supply and switched return to the vanity light itself.

Large box for the Ditra heat thermostat controller, and three gang box for the main bathroom switches. The thermostat can be seen parked on the upper support, and the main bathroom door is visible in the left of the photograph.

Rough in wiring completed on the main bath wall, from L to R Shluter Ditra Heat thermostat box, three gang box for switched ceiling lights, exhaust fan, and vanity lights respectively, 1-1/2 inch ABS vent for the main bath vanity, supply lines with stub Tees for the main vanity, with supplies then leading to a future attic bath, GFCI outlet over vanity, and finally switch for recessed ceiling light in walk in shower.

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