Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Five

Interior and exterior walls respectively, looking toward the shower end of the main bathroom.  Note the interesting 45 degree area completely lacking plaster keys, where the staircase to the attic is located.

Looking (left photo) toward the guest bedroom end of the main bath, which used to be a closet for that bedroom, but will be turned into a seperate water closet containing a toilet and small vanity. Turned around (right photo) looking to the exterior end wall, where the walk in shower will be located

The three quarter ply subfloor laid down glued and screwed at the shower end. The markings are measurements for stud, dense foam, and 1/2 inch cement board that will make up the shower wall.

The last of the old floor to be removed, revealing the complicated mess off original construction joists and blocks that would have supported a pot bellied stove in the bathroom in the 1880s onward, as well as possibly a flur from a kitchen stove below.

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