Sunday, October 12, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Three

Much cleaner! All the debris left under the floor from the previous renomassacre has been vacuumed up.  Joist hangers added to the additional blocking I added.

A view of the first 'twinned joist' installed, a 2x6 that runs from the blocking at the parged exterior wall, to a ledger plate (not in the picture) at the other side of the room.

Three of the twinned joists installed, the level was used to keep the tops of the added joists level with the existing joists. Span is about 6'6", so 2x6 are above code, and with joists now at 8" centers, floor will be virtually indestructible.

At the far end of the room was the solitary joist that was not butchered, as a wall had to be added, a 'blocked out' cantilevered 2x6 joist was added to support the five inch floor overhang past the last joist.

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