Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Thirteen

The right hand end of the kitchen bulkhead showing (from the right) 3" toilet drain, 3" vertical vent stack (the one that passes up the newly built wall), 2" drain from clawfoot tub, and then a 90 degree bend to continue vertically downward to the basement.

From the left end of the kitchen bulkhead one can barely make out the 2" drain from the shower, then the horizontal drain, to which the 1.5" drain from the main bath vanity joins about halfway, then just to the right of the photo this drain joins the three inch waste stack.

The 2" drain from the left joining the 3" drain from the right. The pex supply lines are those that run through the floor serving the clawfoot tub, toilet, and vanity in the water closet.

It's difficult to imagine that the waste plumbing visible in this bulkhead was previously installed through the floor joists of the bathroom. Acccck!

I spent a total of one hour and thirty five minutes in this position, generally in increments of between two and six minutes each! Not fun, whatsoever...

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