Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Unkempt Grounds (Part One)

The accompanying photograph depicts one of the unfortunate consequences of my being a lazy person, one who is unwilling to 'get his hands dirty' according to some! This is just one of a fair number of examples of the 'unkempt grounds' the Field House has been left with during our stay here! If my memory serves well, the back of the property here had very little planted along the fence line, as most of the area was thin grass over the bare roots of the spruces, with a discontinous thin bed containing the occasional Sedum or Hosta perhaps. Being at the back of the property and not visible from the road, it was apparently overlooked by Mr. Hilcox when he was in the process of researching his blog (see sidebar). Over three years I slowly built up compost and earthy materials, and then began planting the Hostas five years ago. I counted them recently, and there are now seventy Hostas in this bed, the majority of which have been grown and split from the small assortment that came with the house. I think I purchased perhaps a dozen in total so far. I will readily admit, however, that there are other areas of the garden that actually are quite messy and overgrown, which I have let get that way, as I have neither had the time nor inspiration to tackle them yet. This though, is what happens when I actually do get inspired and get my butt in gear!