Saturday, October 18, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Nine

The long exterior wall, in process of being framed. 2x4 studs on 16 centers flat to the wall, and carefully shimmed out to make them vertical, and to produce the correct reveal on the window frame. paired window shims were used to space the studs, which were then screwe into the wooden keys located every fifth course of bricks.

Close up look at the existing window frame, new wall stud, spacers, and wooden key.

Wall framing nearing completion. The black ABS is the main three inch vent stack, with a cleanout installed... This stack will be hidden by the proposed wall that will seperate the main bath area from the water closet.

Wall completed and sprayfoamed. plus a view of the bathroom including the walk in shower. The shower stall will have no foolish glass walls, just a door frame with a swinging patterned or etched glass door.

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