Thursday, October 27, 2016

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Sixteen - Shluter Kerdi Walk In Shower

The plumbing rough in, with hot and cold Pex supply lines at bottom feeding soldered copper elbows into the main control valve(black),  The mixed temperature water leads up to the diverter (silver), which splits it to the right - Pex runs to handheld shower rough in, and the left - Pex runs to main rainshower head rough in directly above. Everything is carefully blocked out for support and spacing from the proposed finish wall.

A slose up of the main rainshower head and handheld shower head rough in on the left, and main supply control  valve on the right. It helps to keep everything centered! The Kerdi base in the kit is 32 inches wide, and the tape measure is run from cement board to cement board.

The Shluter Kerdi membrane installed, showing the tiled floor and main control valve on the left, and all openings for shower on the right (Main control valve, diverter, handheld and rainshower heads)

Showing the test fitting the stainless drain piece and the shower floor tile (left). and installed after tiles are set, but before grouting (right). The Kerdi drain piece fits ever so neatly in the space taken up by four tiles. This is also where the tiling starts, at and around the drain, then to the head wall of the shower, then down the length of the shower and out to the sides.

The subway tiles climbing the shower wall being laid over the Kerdi Membrane, plus the door opening tiles installed and taped to keep them in place.

A view of the virtually finished walk in shower.  All Moen shower hardware installed, the door frame, tiles are installed and caulked, the outer door trim is in place and primed, and the frameless tempered glass door also installed. The walk in shower has two pot lights, located on center line, about 14 inches from each end, controlled by a dimmer switch.  I all looks a little better than half bad, in my humble opinion.. And it does not leak... and it actually drains properly!