Sunday, October 19, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Ten

View from main bath to water closet end, and door from guest bedroom into w/c. Small ceiling fan and ceiling light box installed, and this wall given roxul insulation for a bit of soundproofing.

Ceiling of main bath, one of the ceiling light boxes, and the large ceiling fan roughed in. The only remnant of the old reno-massacre I was able to re-use was the slightly dropped ceiling framing, but even it had to be modified somewhat. The ABS is venting that collects the vent from the w/c vanity (from left) and the main vanity (just visible coming up the wall in the phote) and directs it across the room to join the shower vent, and subsequently the main vent stack.

Another view of main bath ceiling, toward the built in shower.

The nightmare job... supply and waste and vent plumbing for the w/c vanity, toilet, and main vent, which will then collect the clawfoot tub drain, and proceed to the main stack and join the drains for the shower an main vanity in the left of the photo.

Waste line from w/c vanity that joins the toilet waste line. toilet rough in and pex lines to the w/c vanity are shown here.

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