Monday, October 13, 2014

Main Bathroom Renovation - Part Four

Repaired and restructrured floor joists, looking toward the exterior wall. The ABS is the future drain from the walk in shower.

Turning around 180 degrees, a view of the repaired and restructured floor joists, looking from the exterior wall to the interior wall. The new twinned joists are hung on a three ply ledger plate that sits on top of a load bearing wall.

Notch to accommodate the 1-1/2 inch ABS drain from the proposed main bath vanity. The old reno had 'S-traps' that went through the floor, they are no longer permitted by code, so the new bathroom will get 'P-traps' that go into the wall, join a vertical vent and drain down the wall, then under the floor. Second photo is ABS drain in place. Who can tell me what is wrong with the photographs!

Looking toward the exterior wall, any high spots in the joists are being carefully planed with my fancy fancy Makita electric planer!

Vier of the 2" ABS drain from the proposed walk in shower. the 45 degree stub to the right is the vent. Interestingly, the former renocatastrophe bathroom had an 8 inch horizontal section of vent prior to the vertical, rendering it pretty much useless.

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